About Us


People are constantly surrounded by useful information, but nowadays it is so abundant, that we filter out most of it, no matter how important it is. The best way to organize and communicate large amounts of information effectively is to display it in an Infographic. It is our passion to make information more accessible and fun to look at, and in doing so, help the world become a better place.

www.infographicsource.com is an infographic service provided by Visual Generation Inc. Our company is based in Toronto, Canada and offer a broad spectrum of services, related to data visualization and developing infographics.

We provide services on 3 inter-connected websites.

Infographicsource.com – microstock website, where you can buy vector royalty-free infographic templates and elements. It is meant for professional designers and advanced users with skills in Adobe Illustrator and other vector graphics software.

Infographicreator.com – Easy tool for data visualization and creating interactive infographics online. It is meant for public use, and perfectly fits for people without any designer skills.

VIGE.co – Infographic agency, where you can order custom infographics development for your company’s needs.

We believe that our services can help visualize your data in appealing and clear way. We are working hard to provide the best experience for you and your business.

We are thankful you are with us!